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Custom Framing

One of our favorite pastimes is putting canvas over wood frames and making beautiful art. Long ago we began stretching muslin on flat frames for the theatre as stage walls for various productions. This, of course, was giant in scale as we were making panels as large as 16'x40'. However, for gallery wrap canvas digitally printed it is much more reasonable in size, most often 24"x36" for peoples homes or larger, like 32x48. We have done them as large as 52x80 though.


Special corner folds so that no white space is revealed.


SIZE We offer sizing from 12" and up, common are 20x30, 24x36, 30x40, 32x48


FRAME DEPTH Two different depths or thickness of frame rails available.

THICK: 1 1/2" deep on the edge

THIN: 3/4" deep on it's side



We can bust these things out pretty quick :) get your files ready...




Quantity            1

Width              36"

Length            72"

Material  Ban13oz


Printing Total  $99

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