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One of the projects we enjoy most is doing kids murals to decorate their bedrooms. It is so rewarding when you see how much the children love seeing the characters they adore in full scale on their walls. We prefer to use the ink & material that is fully certified for household applications.  .


 The best media in the market is HP, PVC-Free Wallpaper



We also can do contour cutting (sometimes called die-cutting) for custom shapes around a designed file that either you provide in an approved format [link to format] or which our talented design team can work with you to create [link to design]. If you want text or lettering for a glass storefront we can make them from standard colors or print the specific colors and then cut


A lamination layer can be placed over top which has multiple benefits, such as protecting the ink from scratching as well as protecting colors from UV damage or fading. Besides that you can control the sheen, as the laminate can be finished with glossy, satin, or matte or textured matte. (cast or calendared)

Poly-carbonate is the most firm variety we offer from 5 mil to 15 mil thick

Cold lamination, pressure sensitive process up to 65" wide



Quantity            1

Width              36"

Length            72"

Material  Ban13oz


Printing Total  $99

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