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Hardware can be featured or hidden on any given project. With Stand-offs, which are small metal cylinders that space the art piece away from the wall surface, they bring a new dimensionality to the work. It gives the effect of a real-life drop shadow.

One of the major benefits of using stand-offs on your project, is that the sign will be easy to change out, as the caps are simple to unscrew and replace back on. Also, when doing this type of job, it is critical to use a rigid substrate, or sturdy print material. Often acrylic is the chosen material as it is clear, glossy great way to feature the work.



SPACE The hardware can be placed on nearly any surface.


CONCEPT We have seen many variables, sometimes stacked/overlapped


BUDGET When considering costs,


TIMEFRAME we carry a few common sizes, but often need a few days ordering



Quantity            1

Width              36"

Length            72"

Material  Ban13oz


Printing Total  $99

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