Quantity            1

Width              36"

Length            72"

Material  Ban13oz


Printing Total  $99

Wall Prep

As someone once said, the end result is only as good as the prep...It seems cliche but it really is true. When we do a mural or decal the wall surface is the base layer that we stick the vinyl or wallpaper on. We can adhere graphics onto a variety of surfaces from glass to brick, but most common is, of course, painted drywall.

In California low VOC paint is on the rise. It's wonderful, but can limit the types of adhesive that can be used successfully.


SURFACE Drywall with light texture, gloss, semi-gloss or eggshell paint sheen


DURATION We offer short term, removable or permanent wall graphics


PAINT Must have been dry for 7-10 days


TIMEFRAME Occasionally this kind of thing needs to be installed off the regular business hours

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